We have a seven year old who was struggling with reading and Toucan Reading Company was highly recommended to us. Joanne’s thorough assessment of his reading pinpointed exactly what he was missing and provided a clear and concise program tailored to his specific needs. I love how everything you need to teach the program, right down to the “sentence strips” are provided to you in a neat, organized kit. Joanne’s knowledge, experience and support are ten out of ten. In a very short period of time, our child’s reading and spelling has taken off and as a parent, it feels great to know that we have a plan in place and he is moving forward.
Nicole Black

What an amazing experience to work with Joanne. She is a delight & makes this program so easy & fun. She helped us with our 6-year-old son for 6 sessions & then gave me the tools & training to continue the program at home & our son has jumped 2 reading levels in a month!! Many thanks, Joanne.
Stacey Trudeau

In just two short weeks with Joanne, my daughter went from “I hate reading” and “I’m a terrible reader” to “when can we go to Chapters? I just finished another book!”

Joanne has such an incredible way with children. She keeps it light and includes tons of laughter. She has so many “tricks”, games and strategies from her years of helping readers that her time with your child is absolutely invaluable.

Four weeks into the program with Joanne, my daughter has gone up 4 reading levels, but most importantly she has a confidence that she did not have before and she is nurturing a lifelong love of reading. Gone are the tears and the fights to get her to read.

Joanne will set you up with everything you need to deliver a top notch reading program for your child. Don’t wait! Its so worth it!
Jeannie Shaver

Toucan Reading Company and parents in partnership will make a difference! What a splendid opportunity for parents to learn practical and effective strategies to positively impact their child’s literacy development.
Sharon Roberson,
BA, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Learning Consultant, Educator, Reading Clinician

You couldn’t get better support for your child than through this company. Joanne has years of excellent experience and is such a warm and caring person!
Judy Beach